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Canadian Employees Considering A Career Change Due To Pandemic

YXE Benefits offers the simple, stable, smart group benefits choice for Saskatoon businesses; combining accessibility, flexibility and the stability of pooled benefits. Saskatoon companies choose the The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan because it offers unsurpassed value & outstanding customer service. The Chambers plan group benefits are for Saskatoon Chamber members. In our latest post, we discuss how Canadian employees consider a career change in relation to their mental well-being from the Covid-19 pandemic.


Canadian Employees Considering A Career Change Due To Pandemic

As we pass the 1 year anniversary of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has Canadian employees considering a career or job change. According to Morneau Shepell Ltd’s mental-health index, almost 1 in 4 Canadian employees (24%) are considering a different occupation or job.

Employees have noted they believe their employers have handled health and safety, technology and flexible work hours well. However, with employee’s mental well-being continuing to be a key issue since the Covid-19 pandemic began, it demonstrates that maintaining the status quo is not enough for employers to retain specifically younger employees. Employees under the age of 40 are more likely to reconsider their job as compared to Canadian employees over the age of 50.  

Employers Need To Prioritize Employee Communication & Well-Being

Career Change - YXE BenefitsEmployers need to be proactive in prioritizing communication and the well-being of employees in everything they do. 81% of Canadians say Covid-19 is negatively affecting their mental health, and of note, a significant percentage of employees are considering changing careers despite having positive opinions of how their employer handled the pandemic.

With new information constantly being released, employers must continue to check in on their employees well-being to maintain a productive and healthy workforce.


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