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Promoting A Good Nights Sleep Is Important For Your Team Productivity and Wellness

YXE Benefits offers the simple, stable, smart choice for Saskatoon businesses; combining accessibility, flexibility and the stability of pooled benefits. Saskatoon companies choose the Chambers group plan because it offers unsurpassed value & outstanding customer service. In our latest post, we discuss why  a good nights sleep is important for productivity and wellness

The Importance Of  A Good Nights Sleep

Have you heard of a book called “Even Superheroes Sleep”?  This book talks about superheroes and sleeping. So, Batman works hard helping Gotham City stay safe. He needs a rest, so his mind stays sharp and focused. This is a great children’s book to read. But, essentially the parallel here with superheroes and needing to sleep is that, in spite of how much everything is going on, heroes really get good sleep!  Let’s just replace the superheroes with the hard-working superheroes on your team,  and they part of your employee wellness program.

How can a good nights sleep be integrated into your employee wellness program?

Track Your Sleep 

Fitbit good nights sleep

Use of device trackers and some health apps that have the sleep tracking functionality, a very common example is Fitbit.

Basically, these detect your sleep quality. But, some other things that you can do in terms of sleep challenges could be the use of wellness cards or wellness tiles or smart tiles, both on web and mobile, which attaches points and incentives to make sure people are aware of their sleeping patterns.

We all know that getting to bed usually around 9:00 o’clock is really key. But, for those that are a part of the 4:30 a.m. club that get up really really early, there’s a whole day waiting for you when you wake up.

Cool and Comfortable

Another trick is to make sure your mattress is cool. There’s a couple of things you can do to make sure your mattress is cool. There’s the chill pad. It’s a really expensive device, but it’s really worth it.


Other Sleep-Promoting Ideas

Some other creative things that you can do are to make sure you do yoga before bed. Stretching out your legs really helps and stretching out your thighs helps make you kind of a little bit sleepy. Don’t eat too much sugar or cards before bed.

Again, make sure that this is part of your wellness program and make sure that these behaviours are encouraged. Some other things that you can do are to make sure that you are meditating and clearing your mind.  Somehow just listening or reading fiction before bed is really key and helpful for many. Also, stretching right before hopping on the bed, reduces your stress. Meditation also helps

So, track your sleep as well if you’re using a device tracker. It should be telling you things like when you’re cruising for a bruising, if you’re going to bed after 10:00 pm, for example. But, anyway it’s time for me to go to bed so I can wake up at 4:30.


Everyone have a good night.


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