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Thinking of A Career Change? A Career Coach Can Benefit You

Thinking of A Career Change? A Career Coach Can Benefit You

YXE Benefits offers the simple, stable, smart group benefits choice for Saskatoon businesses; combining accessibility, flexibility and the stability of pooled benefits. Saskatoon companies choose the The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan because it offers unsurpassed value & outstanding customer service. The Chambers plan group benefits are for Saskatoon Chamber members.  In our latest post, we discuss the benefits of a career coach if you are thinking about changing careers or roles at a different company.


A Career Coach Can Benefit Your Job Search Experience

It is becoming more common for current generations of employees to have job hopping and multiple career changes on their resumes. The path that you first chose may not suit your interests anymore so employees are seeking new jobs or different roles every few years, as opposed to the sought after lifetime employment at one or two organizations from the Baby Boomers.

With job changing every few years, it can still be difficult to find the right career path to go down. That is where a career coach can help provide you with guidance to sort through your skill set, experience and interests to see what your next move could be.


A Career Coach Provides Practical Job Search Advice

Finding a new job can be overwhelming for anyone. Searching for jobs mainly happens online, as networking events are becoming less and less especially in 2020. 

Career Coach YXE BenefitsA career coach can help you along the way by providing expert advice during all stages of the job hunt. Once they know the types of jobs you are looking for, they can help you with the right keywords to search for positions and assist with creating a resume that highlights your skills relevant to the job position.

They can also help you prepare for interviews, which is always an intimidating part of the job search process. Career coaches provide practical advice on what to wear, how to respond to questions, etc. 


A Career Coach is Unbiased When Giving Advice

General advice for your career is readily available online, however nothing is tailored completely to you. With a career coach, they ask you questions to get to the root of the career you are looking for and provide you with their expert opinions you need to hear. 

A career coach will provide you with realistic and unbiased advice when helping you on your job search journey. Your friends and family are there to support you no matter what, but they may not have the best advice to help you.


Career Coaches Help You Prioritize Your Time and Energy

Searching for a new job can feel like it takes up a lot of your time if it’s not prioritized properly. A career coach can help you dedicate your time and energy in the right outlets to show more success in your job search than if you were doing it alone.

By dedicating a specific amount of time with your career coach it can improve not only your job search but enhance your chances of moving your career forward in the direction you want. A career coach can help you tackle your job search and keep you motivated in the meantime by keeping your goals in mind.

Investing time to reflect and refine our careers is important as our work lives are such a large part of who we are as people. You don’t have to do it alone, reach out to a local career coach to provide you with valuable help along the way getting you into your dream job before you know it.

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