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Business Assistance Service Offers Added Value For Business Owners.

YXE Benefits offers the simple, stable, smart choice for Saskatoon businesses; combining accessibility, flexibility and the stability of pooled benefits. Saskatoon companies choose The Chamber group plan because it offers unsurpassed value & outstanding customer service. The Chambers plan group benefits are for Chamber members.  In our latest post, we discuss added the Chamber Plan value, one of which is the Business Assistance service. This is just one of the additional features built into each benefit plan at no additional cost.

Business Assistance Service

Business Assistance Service (BAS)

Helping you manage your business more efficiently

Most small businesses can’t afford to have a team of specialists on hand to help deal with unexpected problems that require an expert opinion. The Chambers Plan BAS is designed to fill this gap. This confidential service provides access to professional accounting, counselling, legal and human resource experts who understand the challenges faced by small business owners. One-on-one consultation is often financially out of reach for many businesses, however through the Chambers Plan BAS, firms have access, free of charge, to expert advisors who can help their business grow.

The Chambers Plan BAS provides business owners:


Provides up to nine hours of Legal, Accounting and Specialized Human Resource services combined, per calendar year.

  • Legal Advice – When faced with a legal dilemma, this service provides practical and current interpretations of company, partnership, taxation and insolvency law, plus all relevant aspects of common and civil law.
  • Accounting Advice – When the numbers don’t add up, advice from a professional enables owners and managers to strengthen management and control functions through expert counsel.
  • Specialized Human Resource Services – When facing a technical human resource issue, from termination processes and overtime pay to legislative/labour law concerns, this service provides you with answers confidentially, via telephone.


Confidential telephone coaching helps address a wide range of challenging people issues, including performance management, absenteeism, conflict and difficult behavior.


When an employee is consistently absent from work, or underperforming, there is a strong probability that a personal issue is the cause. Owners now have the resources available to help employees deal with situations affecting performance, through face-to-face counselling with a trained professional.

Business Assistance Service Chambers Plan Value

The Chambers Plan has retained Arete® Human Resources Inc. as the independent service provider of the Business Assistance Service. Arete manages a national network of professionals, ready to assist you and your employees, and a toll-free call will put you in touch with a trained specialist who will identify how best to help you.

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